It has come to my attention that some individuals who requested a mail ballot, and who wished to vote in the Democratic primary runoff, received a mail ballot for the Senate District 14 Special Election race only.  If you are in this situation and you have not already returned your ballot by mail you still have an opportunity to vote in the Democratic primary runoff!

Here’s one solution: If you still have your mail ballot, do not discard it or mail it back to the clerk.  Go to a polling location during early voting or on Election Day and surrender your current vote by mail ballot and fill out a form cancelling the ballot you received by mail. Thereafter, you will be able to vote in-person in the Democratic primary runoff.

If you are at high-risk for COVID-19 or have another disability, you may request to vote curbside at a voting location.  Call the Travis County Elections Division Call Center at 512-854-4783 and request curbside voting at any polling location.  From there, a poll worker will come out to you with a voting machine.  A list of early voting polling locations can be found here.

Some individuals with this ballot problem may not be able to visit a polling site, but still want to vote in the primary.  If that is your situation, then call 512-854-4783, explain that your ballot pertained to the Senate District 14 race only and ask for an accommodation so that you can vote in the primary. 



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